Italy likely to toughen Covid rules with curbs on unvaccinated people

The Italian government is expected to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people as it scrambles to stem a resurgence in Covid-19 infections.

In a similar move to that seen in France, those not fully vaccinated could be barred from being served indoors at restaurants and bars and from entering stadiums, museums, theatres, cinemas, swimming pools and gyms.

The government hopes the obligation to also present a “green pass” when travelling within the country by train or plane will incentivise more people to get vaccinated.

The decree is expected to be approved this week and could take effect from 26 July.

Covid-related deaths and hospitalisations have fallen significantly since Italy accelerated its vaccination programme. But infections, mostly driven by the Delta variant, have jumped over the past week, with 3,127 new cases reported on Sunday. Three Covid deaths were recorded on Sunday, bringing the total to 127,867 – the second-highest toll in Europe after the UK. There are 156 coronavirus patients in intensive care across Italy.


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