Revealed FaceTime call at heated with Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather

From there, Paul concocted a plan: To end Mayweather, 43, so far in a buff meet and greet on Fanmio that the vegas legend experienced no alternative except to fight him.

Reflecting on the experience, Paul instructed his YouTube contributors: “I feel I got under his skin a little bit or de ***threatening him off.
“What I wanna do with you will make the greatest bull ***ing battle the entire world has seen”

The Way Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul compare in Front of These battle

Paul will require 50-0 Cash at an exceptional exhibition bout in February.
Paul said he haves never forgotten rather than doubted him’ for this.
Floyd joked: “Without you, I can perform this…

Mayweather subsequently requested one of his team to hang up on Paul and get the very second lover caller at stake. LOGAN PAUL has revealed he wound up Floyd Mayweather therefore substantially during a face time it landed him his own incredible 2021 combat.

Mayweather immediately responded: “If you’re a true fighter, yeah.
Mayweather will combat Paul at a February exhibition after the pair contracts

The YouTube celebrity, 25, has promised that it all started at a haphazard charity basketball match last calendar year.

Following intending to just chirp a bit’ during the call, Paul joked: “The following thing you know, I’m talking so *** to the greatest fighter around the planet.”

Logan Paul gatecrashed a buff meet and greet to get beneath Mayweather’s epidermis’
Addressing Mayweather,” Paul stated: “I got a question for you: You down to fight me”

He reasoned: “So today I’ve gotta kick his or her **e.”
Cash then publicly declared the fight on his Instagram and also the rest, as they state, is history.
“This ain’t exactly what you’ll do. You play with boxing. I struggle real, you understand .”

Logan hit straight back, declaring: “I know for a fact you’re lying… I’ve been on your gymnasium so lots of times.
“The truth is, you know that I am, however, I don’t understand who you are.”
Paul then confessed he joined his instruction by tearing into Mayweather at any opportunity to rile him up’.
Floyd stood firm, declaring: “that does not mean I understand that who you are.”

Using a single event, Paul shared with a video instruction Mayweather how to spell out his or her title.
Paul continued: “I Will answer the own question. I’m the dude who sold from the Staples middle fighting yet another YouTuber (his 2019 reduction to KSI).

The set was acting opposite teams when Mayweather’placed hands ‘, which Paul named disrespectful’.
“Because a couple of weeks after I was presented using an actual contract.”

Despite signing the bargain, Paul recently admitted it makes no f***ing feeling’ and thought that it was a dream’ for a while.
“You’ve been around, we shook hands,” I said hey whassup’, ” you said hello whassup’…”
Logan Paul asserts he annoyed Floyd Mayweather into consenting to combat with him


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