Scorpio Sky Wants Jake and Logan Paul Tag Fight With Floyd Mayweather

‘Possibly we can do a special affair with AEW and boxing, also we can perform a tag team match together with me and Floyd Mayweather Jr. against the Paul brothers.’

‘I’m a super-competitive person and once I began coaching, I wished to get a struggle. I jumped in and wound having four fights. I went 3-1. ‘That aggressive character goes away, and I retired however that I have back into wrestling, and that becoming busy’ Received a show-biz story? If you’ve found a star narrative, video, or pictures touch base contact with all the entertainment group by emailing us, phoning 020 3615 2145, or simply by visiting our Submit Stuff page, we’d love to listen from you.

Jake — who seems to possess Connor McGregor in his landscapes — could have his work cut out for him Scorpio Sky, who just resigned from MMA mainly because his wrestling career took off. The celebrity — that additionally comes with a third party triumph in an amateur fight — added:’From the time that I had been a young child, I always wished to use blended martial arts.” ‘I lasted an injury in my back and nearly needed to retire and one of the things that bit me was that I had an opportunity to have a struggle. As soon as I was healthy, I needed to train.

Scorpio Sky insists he hasn’t left a struggle to Jake Paul — however, this sounds just like fighting chat for us! The AEW wrestler — that also offers a few combat sports experience using a 2 1 professional record in mixed martial arts — has never had a valid struggle as 2014, however, also the YouTuber has grabbed his consideration immediately after his boxing triumph over Nate Robinson. He advised Bleacher Report:’I had been watching that YouTube man who battled Nate Robinson. I wouldn’t mind fighting him. That would be fun. I do believe it was Jake Paul. ‘It turned out to be a viral item that he knocked Robinson out. He wouldn’t knock out me like that, I will tell you right now. I am not throwing any challenges but in the event, the chance presented itself and made me feel, I’d be pleased to faculty a bit.


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